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These inferences included a broad range of domains sports, study preferences, and personality and largely reflected gender-inverted stereotypes such that feminine characteristics were attributed to gay speakers and masculine characteristics to lesbian speakers. Macalester College. Community Culture. The evaluation of effectiveness and likability of gender-role congruent and gender-role incongruent leaders. University of Toronto. The acoustic correlates of perceived masculinity, perceived femininity, and perceived sexual orientation. In this case, stereotyping and discrimination are presumably feature-based Blair et al.

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In it, he wonders out loud how and why he developed a timbre, a tone, that many people point to as evidence of his sexuality.

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Archived from the original on November 1, My home, Sutter County, produces more peaches than the state of Georgia, but not a lot of empathy or curiosity. Finally, they indicated the likely sexual orientation of the applicant by choosing between heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual, and reported in an open-ended question the job the applicant had applied for.

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The acoustic and perceptual bases of judgments of women and men's sexual orientation from read speech.

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