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The authors discussed their preliminary findings in a Wall Street Journal op-ed before their work was more formally published in fact, Kurtz weirdly dismisses it as "unpublished" several times in his article, as if it were somehow unseemly for a paper to exist between the time it is written and the time it is published. And these marriages were actually lasting; during the same time frame, the divorce rate dropped by However, they are rarely enforced. Incidentally, those numbers come from the Heritage Foundation, which also sponsors reports on the danger that gay marriage poses to the heterosexual marriage rate. There are already tens of thousands of polygamous couples in North America. Many of the historical restrictions on marriage make sense from a cultural viewpoint.

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The same logic might lead to majority support in the future for certain forms of polygamous relationships.

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Stanley Kurtz Tries to Tie Gay Marriage to Divorce, Accidentally Proves Opposite

Why will gay marriage set the table for polygamy? The culprit in this case may be Stanley Kurtz, a regular contributor to the perpetually terrible Weekly Standardthe consistently amusing National Reviewand the description-defying Commentary. This is the dissolution of the parameters around marriage. It can be argued that persons suffering from a mental disability who are unable to comprehend the nature of marriage should not be allowed to marry. The government refuses marriage licenses to certain persons, discriminating on the basis of age, mental disability, consanguinity, religion and sex. Those who disagree will continue to be seen as hate-mongers and bigots. It lowers some loving committed relationships to second-class status.

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But what is curious about the current situation, Kurtz notes, is that social ostracism is now being used effectively against the majority viewpoint. The guarantee is implied, we will be told, by the Constitution. Kurtz believes that marriage is naturally anchored by the complementarity of the sexes, although "even to mention it [complementarity] these days is to invite ridicule. Does the legalization of gay marriage really contribute to the decline of heterosexual marriage? Some might consider themselves as married to each other; some may even hold a religious ritual to bind the group together in a type of marriage that only the participants recognize.

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