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Write it to fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist. However, in "Amok Time", Spock finds that a substitute to giving in to pon farr is to kill another, and thus Spock's pon farr imperative ends after he kills. Star Trek Into Darkness Beyond. Gender, intersectionality, and Star Trek 's alternate romantic universes". As it added a dimension to the relationship between the two men, it added a new and lively dimension to fandom, providing a complex and invigorating idea to ponder, an emotional reference that took fandom by storm.

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The two are not competitive but complementary, however we parse specific gender traits.

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Why do some “Star Trek” fans enjoy pairing Kirk and Spock as lovers

While there are actually no stories in New Voyages depicting Kirk and Spock having a mental bond assuming "bond" means a state of constant mental contactthey do communicate briefly twice in Claire Gabriel's Ni Var Spock says "some things can be learned"and in Shirley Maiewski's " The Mind-Sifter " Spock picks up Kirk's calls for help before he goes back through time. Views Read View source View history. The stage crew called this episode "Captain Kirk, Space Queen. The first thing to know is that Roddenberry was inspired by Alexander the Great and Hephaestion when he imagined the relationship between Kirk and Spock—he discusses it in an interview that can be found in the William Shatner biography Shatner: K - English - Romance - Chapters: Kirk teaches Spock the meaning of red roses This book was published inwhen there was still time a-plenty for unholy hell to come down on his head were he to suggest a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock.

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It is obvious from the context that "different" was substituting for "homosexual", ensuring that the book could be sold to and read by children and teenagers, Star Trek' s presumed audience. Meg Garrett submitted a cite from the letterzine "Not Tonight Spock! I hope this answer is helpful to you. The Real StoryCaptain Kirk had been intended from the beginning as the central, focal character in the series, and William Shatner was paid accordingly; but fan response to Mr. Kirk is understandably hesitant about starting a relationship with Spock; the last time he tried, Spock left to pursue the kolinahr.

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