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Retrieved January 10, Capuano announces candidacy for U. Mitt Romney did it But this guy is not gonna get elected,there is no way he will. Mitt Romney did it. Kirkformer Democratic National Committee chairman and aide to Ted Kennedy, to serve until the elected successor took office. Bob chase Good looking at any age!

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Must be because Massachusetts hates gays!!

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Does Scott Brown have Mass?

One conflicted commentator wrote: Scott Brown--Massachusetts miracle--at Kirk get out the vote rally Sunday". The seat was held until the election by an appointee, Senator Paul Kirka former chairman of the Democratic National Committeewho was not a candidate in the election to complete the term. There are some hate based people in the world that spout religion as their reasoning. It is always fascinating to see gays use homophobia as a political tool, ie.

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Which people said this in such unequivocal terms? Really, not my cup of tea esp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scott Brown for Massachusetts". Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved January 11, Brian Massachusetts State Sen.

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