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The impact of legalizing relationships on couples and on social policy. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. You make me sick: Although we discuss details of specific studies, the present article is not intended to be a comprehensive review of research findings on same-sex relationships; our primary focus is on data concerns and methodological strategies. Same-sex and different-sex couples in the American Community Survey: All Things Census August 25, Pioneers in partnership:

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This comes at a time when support for same-sex marriage has been on the rise.

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Qualitative Health Research. The articles in this issue examine the complicated ways in which the discourse used in same-sex marriage court cases is related to heteronormative discursive frames; the lived reality of married same-sex couples and the complex ways in which they think about marriage and heteronormativity; the ways that heteronormativity is racialized, which affects how African Americans perceive the impact of same-sex marriage on their lives; how same-sex marriage has influenced public opinion and the likelihood of anti-gay backlash; and the impact of same-sex marriage on family law. A biographical approach would address these challenges by considering three things:

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