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Stanley Kubrick and lead actors Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood were all afraid of flying, with each traveling to England by boat for filming. When it first jumped off its high hill onto Duggan, who was wearing a man-ape suit, it soon noticed Richter, also in his suit, and went after him. A behind-the-scenes shot of Stanley Kubrick on set. Early in pre-production Kubrick proposed to Clarke that they co-write a novel first, then base their film script on it—rather than the other way around. After being inaccurately accused of pushing drugs by a disgruntled former collaborator, Richter confessed to his legal addict status to an intrigued Kubrick—who immediately asked him to describe what it was like and how he did it. But none of those challenges kept

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Made before the days of digital sci-fi effects, was nothing if not a labor of love.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’

In another incident, Kubrick refused to let Weston punch holes in the back of his space helmet, which meant the stuntman was perpetually on the verge of blacking out from carbon-dioxide poisoning as he engaged in complicated maneuvers while hanging high above the camera. A behind-the-scenes shot of Stanley Kubrick on set. Or much of a strong central character, for that matter—unless you count a certain willful computer. There was hardly any dialogue. These are just a few of the odd details behind the making of one of history's most revered movies. But Kubrick had fled the scene, causing production to grind to a halt for several days.

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The mysterious black monolith began as a translucent Plexiglas tetrahedron, which ultimately assumed a monolith shape because Plexiglas cools better that way. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. It seemed clear to everyone that the film was a monumental disaster—but young people flocked to see the film from the first day, and its fortunes quickly reversed. Director Stanley Kubrick on set. Reactions to the premieres of in Washington, D. Luckily Duggan tackled the leopard just in time.

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