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He then chuckles at the look on my face. But in the end I think this will be the best thing for both of us. I wish I had never said that. It could range from a couple of minutes to a few hours. I should have made you mine a long time ago.

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His underwear looked like it was going to burst as he walked towards your kitchen.

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We should be heading out to a bar and celebrating that, that she-devil is out of your life. Connor takes a step forward and starts wafting the stench into my face while letting out a sigh. It becomes times worse when…. He was bigger and stronger. I think you need this man. The stench of his past farts is ten times worse from where my nose is right now.

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His penthouse is huge, elegant, and worth more than I will ever make in this life time. While taking all this in, I fail to notice Connor bending his knees, arching his back, and jutting his ass closer to my face until they are only a few inches apart. He straddled my head so that if he were to sit ever so slightly my face would be in between his butt cheeks. He had you on your back with his butt on your cock when you made eye contact with him. There is a wet squelching sound as he pulls his sweaty ass cheeks from the sides of my face. He stops when his butt cheeks meet the couch and my head has zero contact with the outside world.

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