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I am glad that it seems, at least we can agree on the split nature regarding KY, with the Southern elements being most noticeable, as well as regarding Northern Kentucky, where the Midwestern elements are most noticeable. But as I said, certain traits in Louisville and to a much lesser extent, Kentuckian speech, such as the lack of the "I" to "ah" vowel shift, are not characteristic of a pure Southern accent. Both have the same politically incorrect libertarian approach to gay culture, humor and politics. Michael Hodge — P. Louis or Cincinnati as anything but "Midwestern. Nashville Pride Fest 25th Anniversary Celebration. At the time Kentuckians thought they had it made they saw it asif they were going to keep their slaves reguardless of what side they fought for.

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Talk:Southern United States/Archive 1

Louis was a "True" Pro Union town thanks in part to it's huge German population. Though Olmos has dozed off. Louis cityetc. Just a few examples: Louisvillians on the other hand a knew that it they tried to suceed that the city would be burned to the ground as they were right across the bridge from Indiana a true Union state. Regardless, its culture is still hotly debated, and emotions tend to take precedence over logic when identifying it as such. Overall performance on the task by the undergraduates was quite poor.

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Louis, a Southern city" just sounds absurd to me. However again I've given linguistic maps all of which showing that Louisville is not in the Midland tier as St. The ancestries in the Midwest are different, and reflect a large amount of immigration from Germany, Ireland, and the Scandanavian countries - this is simply not present in the South. But, at the same time there is some truth that the 11 undeniably Confederate states have at least some greater claim in the historical context to being the true solid red South. This map is based solely on Civil War alliances and nothing else, I mean it would be more logical to pur CSA in the captions am I wrong. Olympia Gay Pride WA.

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