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Me naked as usual. Ron had a VW Van- no problem handing the rough trail. He paused to reload his camera then looked at me and said "I want to try something. I grabbed lunch then made the call. Paul told us to step back as he pulled his own mattress to the floor and then Todd's. As I came up to him I stuffed my dick up his ass and he moaned loudly. He said "Hope I didn't keep you up.

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I rolled onto my back and reached over in search of his cock.

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My Nudist Roommate

He showed me around the apartment. He had a more muscular build, and his circumcised cock was more average in size, but he was hot, real hot. One night it was my turn. Daddy Looking While Mom is Away. More than a few mornings he came from his bedroom still sporting morning wood- his long, slender cock leaning off to the side then eventually getting soft as he got is coffee. He knelt and his cock stabbed me in the mouth.

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Perfect for my immediate needs. His eyes were staring at my very large erection, and he smiled. Mel giggled when I took off my pants and my stiff boner reared up to breach the fly of my boxer shorts. The cum was often hidden in the thick soap, so we rarely saw them shoot. Camping with a sex god. I put on my shorts and the shoes and went to the line As soon as she would turn around, I'd be bareass and running out the door.

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