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But seeing Sakura nude like this, always did something to him. The shadow clone behind him enjoyed the show and moved closer to the boys twitching hole. The water was clear and some small fish were clearly visible through the surface. Like the shadow clones did. They would meet up in the forrest at their standard spot. Damien and Phillip Interrupted. It was now or never.

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He couldn't take it anymore and was about to cum.

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Brother Naruto, you are telling me you like me, like that? He could see Konohamaru taking off his boxers, which revealed that cute butt he had, together with a nicely shaped soft member. After a minute of fingering he added another finger and started licking the edges for some additional lube. Naruto looked over his shoulder and greeted Kiba. After they were clean they left the shower. Kiba licked his lips wondering what was underneath their boxers.

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With some cracking sound Naruto was still convinced to go a little further. Without a flinch Naruto yanked his boxers down. Kiba undid his own pants and started to jerk off out in the open. Plus you like girls Everybody knew each other since birth and seen each other nude for a thousand time already if not more.

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