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People who are still in denial that this was anything less than romantic or simply the by-product of a post-apocalyptic world need to grow up. It was when I realized at the first time she kissed Riley,I mean I've been thinking about this except this is before ND confirmed that Ellie was not straight. Why don't we extend that same level of openness all the time? Being gay or lesbian is a choice. I knew from the moment Ellie revealed that she felt guilty that her best friend died that they were so close that they were like sisters, like family.

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Think of all the people on the streets as a result.

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FYI my 2 year old son's best friend is a little girl. We just don't know-maybe we will find one day, maybe not. For most 12 year olds, sexuality is not a big part of their life yet Join HuffPost Plus.

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Conservative logic:

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