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No, because when it comes to religion or sexuality you don't need to disagree or agree it just is what it is. It was getting too damn confusing anyway. If you've really been watching OUAT you know Jiminy has already been in the show and was killed in season 2. Le Fou, dressed in a Captain Hook shade of hot pink, clearly has a torch burning for Gaston played in the film by gay actor Luke Evans. The relationship between the two men was certainly complex; Arthur, a struggling lawyer whose cancer left half of his face mangled; Barrie, a wealthy and renowned playwright whose fortune was made on the imaginations of Arthur's sons.

It can be hard to define, but you know queerness when you see it.

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Would you like to view this in our German edition? The Little Mermaid killed herself at the end of the original story. Guess what? My friend Jay and I text during the broadcast every Sunday and maybe that has something to do with why I watch.

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I've gotten really into it.