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Science News Online, March 12, One line in it keeps coming back to me. Roxane Gay Where are you living? Nobody stops and tries to do anything. Hannah Gadsby and Roxane Gay.

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My earliest childhood memories revolve around footy, from playing in the backyard or going to Subiaco Oval with my family.

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RG And there is, once in a while, justice. But the sports world is playing catch-up to the real world. RG Were you ever scared that it was always going to be your life? The trail has already been blazed in other areas of Australian life. Australian rules football has always been a big part of my life, but from an early age I knew I had a conflict with the game. RG I feel a lot of guilt about it.

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Having moved cities twice in as many years, the same applied wherever I went. Interviewing Essendon's Zac Merrett last year … Corbin says he always dreamed of being a sports broadcaster. They met for the first time a few weeks ago, at a cultural event in Los Angeles, where Gadsby has been living. HG A lot of it is just them in profile. RG Nobody ever talks about it.

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