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It sucks I didn't get to have that "special" experience with someone who you hold out for, but I was glad that I could have that out of the way. Spin the bottle haha, must have been around 17 and he and I just went for it. I was 20 and met a cute boy in class. After playing with his big rotty dog and watching some TV he made his move and asked if I would move closer so he could rub my shoulders. It was like a surreal Matrix moment where time stopped. After that night he stopped talking to me.

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Aw thinking about it now makes me smile.

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His name was Randy. He just sorta said, "Anything you want me to do? Before I had a chance to turn the car on he dove in for a kiss and we just sorta did that for awhile, haha. If you're up for it, there's a brilliant short story here. Oh wait sorry, the first guy I kissed was not that interesting Well, he'd argue that he saw me first, but whatever: We drove out to the harbor where a lot of couple go to kiss.

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I am yet to have a really good smooch with a guy that I actually fancy and have some connection to but hey, I'm only 20 - I'm not too worried. His brother ended up finding out. One day we were trying to think of games to play and he said something like, "let's play, boyfriends and girlfriends". I realized it was his tongue and I swooned. A user on the Gaybros reddit asked readers to recount their first kiss, and the stories vary greatly. Actually, I don't remember my first gay kiss He was asking me all these weird questions like what if I Gave you a hug and then he asked what if I kissed you.

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