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The appeal, according to both Griffin and cultural analyst Jamie O'Boyle, lies in Disney's storytelling themes of inclusion. When you are gay and have to come to terms with yourself, your family and society in general, this message resonates with you. That third event, indrew coverage that included a day of mentions on CNN. The appearance was made more significant because it coincided with civic hand-wringing over a Watermark -sponsored rainbow-flag display that made national news when Pat Robertson warned of divine wrath in the form of "earthquakes, tornadoes and possibly a meteor. As the crew zoomed in on the man's T-shirt which said on the front, "If you like what you see" and on the back, "E-mail me"a chartered plane floated a banner overhead for a ministry that vowed it could turn gays straight. While others had a wide choice of marriage options, such as taking their vows on a white-knuckle ride or beneath a fireworks show with Minnie Mouse as a bridesmaid, gay couples had to organise their own private ceremonies in rented meeting rooms at resort hotels.

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Gay Day showed Disney that opponents, even when mobilized, couldn't tarnish the brand -- or, more significantly, affect the bottom line.

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5 Signs That Disney Has Supported Gay Rights For Over 2 Decades

That third event, indrew coverage that included a day of mentions on CNN. Disney's theme parks are synonymous with the great American family day out, with the company's traditional hospitality and characters having enthralled generations for more than half a century. In the 90s, rightwing groups held protests against the annual "Gay Days", when more thangay and lesbian visitors go to Disney resorts. And journalism's problem is democracy's problem Read More Your feelings don't trump women's right to bodily autonomy Read More Savage Love: As of approximatelyLGBT people, their families, friends and supporters attended the six-day gathering including various pool parties, conventions, festivals, a business expo, activities for kids, etc. When Walt died inDisneyland was just 11 years old; Disney World was still five years in the future. Get your wet suit ready

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InTommy Kirk -- a child actor in such live-action Disney films as "Old Yeller," "The Shaggy Dog" and "Swiss Family Robinson" -- had his contract suspended "because of growing awareness of his homosexual orientation," says Griffin, whose book relates the story based upon Kirk's published comments. Disney neither endorsed their work nor told them to stop. Rapid expansion also meant some things slipped through the cracks: Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Thus, it was ground-breaking last year when employee diversity teams that advise individual units of the Disney World resort sponsored a "family picnic" for pride month and arranged for the Orlando Gay Chorus to be hired for a separate, behind-the-scenes concert for Disney workers.

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