Constitution party on gay marriage

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Click here for 2 full quotes on Immigration OR other political leaders on Immigration. Strongly Favors topic 4 Encourage churches to help those in need: Nov Condemn deployment of troops without a declaration of war. Bush in the pages of The American Conservative. Oppose mail-in balloting; they're not secret or secure. I have a feeling the Constitution Party and I would not get along terribly well. Even though my civic issue blog focuses on the third parties in the American political system that may not receive the same attention as larger parties, I still want to touch on the upcoming presidential campaigns.

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The Constitution Party, in its short history, appears to compliment the goals of the Republican Party and have similar stances on social, economic, and political views.

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Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

They now practice law together at William J. Retrieved April 17, Retrieved August 31, According to the party, eminent domain is unlawful because "under no circumstances may the federal government take private property, by means of rules and regulations which preclude or substantially reduce the productive use of the property, even with just compensation". H-1B visas displace American workers:

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Eliminate debt by only spending collected revenues. Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens -5 points on Social scale. The — Platform of the Constitution Party is available for download on the party's website. Apr Vouchers are a government subsidy; end them all. The preamble of the Constitution Party platform "gratefully acknowledges the blessing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as Creator, Preserver and Ruler of the Universe and of these United States," [76] and supports the constitutional provision in Article VI, Section 3 that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States" and calls on all those who love liberty and value their inherent rights to join with them in the pursuit of their goals. We would hide our true intentions until we seized power. Strongly Favors topic 8.

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