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You see, while in Los Angeles trying to become the next Kingpin, he overdoses on this mystery party drug called Heat which overloads and destroys his healing factor. I recently came across a beautiful picture of a compassionate Bruce Banner tenderly embracing Tony Stark. Naked hairless Hulks sex is totally acceptable, no matter how many perverted eyeball people watch. In fact, his seeming obsession with Betty for all those years was either a denial of his Homosexuality, or he was putting on a front. You are commenting using your WordPress. This site uses cookies.

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Conservative organizations spew hateful rhetoric because of two kids locking lips fully clothed?

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Like chopped him up into little bits. Hulk lost all his hair after being blown up last issue by a gamma bomb in an attempt to kill his alter-ego Bruce Banner, who had been recently separated from Hulk because of a brain surgery by Doctor Doom. I present to you two case studies to prove that superheroes swapping spit with other men is the least weird thing about them. Or maybe he did think about. While never A-list like his father, Daken did become sort of famous when he pretended to be Wolverine and did this:.

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In the Avengers flick from last summer, Banner was hiding out in a third world country with his anger under control. Get mad that Hulkling has five earrings in one ear. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Preceded by the gay interracial X-Men wedding between mutant Northstar and civilian Kyle, this is just a step towards this medium reflecting the current times. In the Avengers movie, he kept trying to entice Banner to let him play with his big green monster. Well, in this issue, they have sex in public while a giant eyeball man watches them:.

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