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For men, it can be the climax of a long period of turmoil. The study shows that Grindr has led to new ways for gay men to make themselves visible to one another and let each other know that they are available for intimate encounters. These factors alone would result in significant disparities in HIV rates between MSM and heterosexuals even if both populations had similar numbers of sex partners, frequency of sex, and condom use levels 8. Using these data, we calculated the proportion of participants who had formed any new partnership in the past year. Polygyny and symmetric concurrency:

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First, we used three different surveys which limited the comparability of measures between groups.

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Grindr has changed sex culture among gay men

For Jim, life out of the closet has been a radical departure. Results Sample characteristics The mean age of participants included in this analysis was similar across surveys, ranging from Statistical methods We compared each measure among heterosexual men and women and MSM using descriptive statistics. Patterns of age mixing and sexually transmitted infections. To accurately capture partnerships formed at a given age, we restricted these analyses to participants reporting a new partnership in the past year. Chem-sex refers to sex parties involving the use of euphoric substances. The use of two-phase adaptive sampling.

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In part, these differences reflect the fact that an individual MSM can engage in both insertive and receptive sexual roles i. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Among MSM only, we also compared age at sexual debut with a male partner and the age at anal sex debut. Partner meeting place Using a question about how respondents met their most recent partner, we created three categories The Appendix includes specific survey questions and more detailed descriptions of each measure. Indeed, she never did. This elevated risk persists across age groups and reflects biological and behavioral factors, yet there have been few direct comparisons of sexual behavior patterns between these populations.

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