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Zack winced as the wolf pulled out of him. Zack grabbed his arm and screamed as the alpha began to pound him like a piston. Passing one door Zack heard loud growls and moans. Zack felt a rush of fear pull over him as the alpha stepped closer, his size dominating the room. Grabbing Zacks arms he spun him round so he was facing away. Reader discretion is advised. Other books in the series.

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The blonde instantly ran from the room leaving his trousers behind.

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Hot Tub Hunk (Voyeur Erotic Short, Alpha Male, Gay)

Getting closer they became louder and more animalistic. Zack grabbed his arm and screamed as the alpha began to pound him like a piston. The next station was completely empty as it was at night. Zack could feel the heavy breathing on his face and chest, the alpha slapped him across the face cutting him with his claws. If you're looking for literary pretensions, forget it. Zack felt the warm sweaty hands grip his sides pulling him down solid into him, zack screamed as it got deeper. Instantly he dropped his eyes down to its hard 17 inch cock just pressing against his stomach leaving a small mark of cum.

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The feeling of a hard object prodding around his hole pulled his attention away from the cold. Feeling a hand grip his shoulder zack was pulled out of the blonde. White cum shot out of the other wolfs rear as the dominant moved away, leaving the submissive curled up in a heap on the bed. The alpha began to moan and grunt as he started to enjoy it, howling as he got harder. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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